Computer Assessment

Computer Assessments Installation instructions

The tests only work on Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer 5 or above installed (though this doesn't need to be the default browser).

Before you start, you will need

To try out a test, double click on the executable file
where XX is an executable test - e.g. algebra 1.exe or presenter.exe

No answer files are written anywhere but a final screen shows you how you got on.

For institutional use, if you want answer files recorded, your licence of Perception will need to cover the student numbers you require, and you will need to request a copy of the test that records answer files. You can link the networked exe files to an ordinary web page or VLE such as Blackboard or Vista. Please visit for more information or e-mail

Assessment Areas

Clicking on any of the links below will take you to pages containing further tests for sub topics of the chosen areas of study.

Further Topics

These next links will take you directly to the selected test

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