PPLATO produces resources to support the teaching of physics and maths at university first year and foundation year levels. The materials are designed for teaching, assessment and diagnostics and may be studied within a university course or in self study. Delivery is via CD ROM and the teaching support may vary from face-to-face to on-line. Flexibility of use for both the teacher and the learner is a key feature of the resource.

The PPLATO resources are used in many different universities around the country and also form a core part of the PiCETL project. The PiCETL project is establishing a nationwide Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning in the field of Physics Innovations, PPLATO is essential to this project.

This site and the work of the PPLATO project is dedicated to the memory of the Project Director, Dr Mike Tinker, who passed away in 2006. Mike worked tirelessly for this project and others up until the time of his death and will always be remembered for his strength and vision.

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