Additional Course Materials



Other Useful Resources


PPLATO Portal PPLATO Resources - about 4 books worth of quality maths & physics resources

HyperPhysics HyperPhysics - comprehensive physics resource at Georgia State University

Physics Video Lectures MIT OpenCourseWare - full video lecture courses on physics by Prof Walter Lewin

Science Seminars MIT World - videos of science seminars that have been given at MIT


MathScope MathScope - help with maths at the University of Salford

mathcentre Mathcentre - the UK resource site for help with maths

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) CIMT (Plymouth) - mathematics, statistics & mechanics A-level materials

MathWorld Wolfram MathWorld - massive resource (start with the top-left menu)

MacTutor MacTutor - the history of mathematics archive at the University of St Andrews


Study Skills Online Study Skills Online - Dr Martin Greenhow's popular site at Brunel University

LearnHigher LearnHigher - UK electronic resources for student learning support