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These tests cover topics at A level and first-year and selected second-year university mathematics. Some are intended for revision and could be used as diagnostic tests, other topics might replace typical problem sheets to support a taught course. Other uses include private study directly by students at school or university or as a source of examples for lecturers to present in class.

Typically the tests randomly choose questions from a database and each chosen question will contain random parameters, meaning that thousands or millions of questions will be generated at runtime, each with marking and (usually) very full feedback including a complete solution. This feedback has been very well received by students who value it as a learning resource. Tests have shown that students that engage with the feedback benefit substantially and improve their performance in exams. The random parameters are included in both equations (handled using MathML) and diagrams (handled using SVG); thus diagrams can be accurate and all elements can be resized and coloured according to the student's individual preferences which could make the tests more accessible to partially-sighted students and certain sorts of dyslexic students.

The tests cover the following subject areas:

Algebra - comprises Adding Polynomials, Algebraic Functions, Completing The Square, Diagnostic Overview 1, Diagnostic Overview 2, Dimensional Analysis, Expanding Brackets, Indices, Linear Equations, Modelling, Partial Fractions, Pascals Triangle, Proportionality, Quadratics, Rational Function Simplification, Rearranging Equations, Roots and Factors, Simultaneous Equations, Summations, Terminology and Expressions

Differentiation - comprises Binomial Expansion, Chain Rule, Elementary Functions, Implicit,
Logarithmic, Parametric, Product Rule, Quotient Rule

Integration - comprises By Parts, Diagnostic Overview, Rational Functions

Matrices - comprises Determinants, Eigenproblems, General, Inverse, LU Factorisation, Multiplication, Trace and Norms

Mechanics - comprises Centre of Mass, Dynamics, Kinematics, Moments, Structures

Numbers - comprises Bases, Complex, Fractions, General

ODEs - comprises First Order, General, Higher Order

Probability - comprises Discrete Random Variables, General

Vectors - comprises Basic, Scalar Potentials and Integrals, Vector Calculus - Cartesian,
Vector Calculus - Cylindrical, Vector Calculus - Spherical

Coordinate Geometry
Fourier Series
Fourier Transforms
Laplace Transforms
Trigonometry Functions

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