HyperFLAP, Reading

Reading has developed h-FLAP, an electronic resource based on the FLAP paper text resource developed during 1992-96. The coverage includes physics and its associated mathematics from entry A-Level to the end of the first year of a university physics degree course. h-FLAP is a hyper-linked multimedia product with strategic links within modules, between modules and the hyper-Glossary and, through the Glossary, to other modules. It is designed for screen use and has a range of educational features to optimise it for this purpose.

The PPLATO interface has also been designed at Reading. This allows users to access all parts of the resource produced by the Partner sites using the structure of the h-FLAP resource as a backbone. It also allows teachers to construct a course plan to their own design, using PPLATO and any other resources of their choice.

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