Interactive Mathematics, Plymouth

The University of Plymouth has contributed a set of interactive mathematics packages to the PPLATO Project. These packages are designed to support student learning of mathematics. They complement the other PPLATO materials and can be used in combination with them.

The packages include assorted aspects of introductory algebraic techniques, including fractions, inequalities and manipulating and solving simple equations, as well as some simple geometry and trigonometry. There is also some introductory calculus and a treatment of vectors and matrices. As well as these new files, there is included a set of nine previously constructed packages which were previously in use at Plymouth.

The files are particularly easy to use and feature professional quality mathematical typesetting. This last feature is of great importance for many students who find formulae difficult to read. Our ability to produce such files was gained through our research activities which have given us expertise in TeX, the world standard software for typesetting mathematics. We also have extensive experience of using the LaTeX macro collection (a variant of TeX) which can be used to produce PDF (portable document format) files that are easily posted on the web. These PDF files can then be opened with the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader and the output is easily read. The files produced include features such as active links within the document, questions and quizzes.

The packages can be used by students without the need to purchase software or hardware. These files may be accessed from any PC linked to the web or they may be downloaded and viewed at home.

The packages are downloadable from the PPLATO web site, and also from, where our previous packages may also be found. Copies of our original LaTeX files are available on request. These files use the AcroTeX Education Bundle developed by D.P. Storey, a link to which is on our page.

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